Youth Unemployment and Crime

Write 102 pages with APA style on Youth Unemployment and Crime in the United Kingdom. Apart from this, the researcher has made use of both primary and secondary sources of information. The conduct of survey and interviews serve as the source of primary information and gathering of information from online sources relating to youth unemployment and crime rates in the United Kingdom serve as the source of secondary information for this research work. The researcher has carried out the survey of 50 individuals with the aim of understanding how youngsters in the UK perceive the relationship between youth unemployment and crime rate and whether they regard youth unemployment to be a significant reason in the increase of crime rate in the UK. Moreover, the researcher has also conducted interviews with four individuals in this research work. For this purpose, various individuals representing different organizations and institutions were interviewed. The researcher has made use of purposive sampling technique for selecting samples for both survey and interviews. Based on the information obtained and analysis through primary and secondary sources, this study concludes that youth unemployment and crime rates in the UK are positively associated with each other. The researcher has been able to support this conclusion on the basis of literature reviewed in this study. Researchers in the past have also suggested a positive association between youth unemployment and crime rates. The crime rate in society has been on the increase in the recent past. Several studies have associated the rate of increase.

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