Youth and Urban Culture

Write the following article Youth and Urban Culture. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. While examining the youth culture and subcultures it has been seen that it is important that the youth are taught to adapt conventional political and moral outlooks and are habituated to discipline in working life. Subcultures emerge as solutions to problems that are collectively faced because of challenges in the social structure (Brake ix). The objective of this paper is to talk about the influence of the youth on the urban culture, bringing out the behavioral patterns and lifestyles of the former especially in modern urban settings.Youth as SubcultureThe study of subculture is done in relation to the broader system of society. It includes symbolism of clothing, music, and other interests of the subculture and also how such symbolisms are looked upon by the members of the broader culture that dominates the subculture. In any subculture, there is the struggle for the establishment of subgroups of different values and lifestyles (Brake 3). Youth subculture represents themselves with their own style, interests, and behavior through their activities. They often adhere to their own rules outside their social institutions like home or school. They consciously form a signature style of their own which they relish and exploit (Gelder & Thornton, 1). Style is significant in the subculture. It transforms the normal process and goes “against nature”. They can be physical signs and movements adapted during a speech that disturbs the “silent majority” by going against the conventional principles of the broader society (Hebdige, 18). Youth CultureEmergence in the post-war eraDuring the period after the Second World War, the traditional social life in Britain was replaced by a system that was less prejudiced about the class system. As the working-class group was fragmented, it was seen that traditional values collapsed to bring about deeper and significant changes. This new age enjoyed “unlimited affluence and equal opportunity”. There was a dramatic change in the cultural expression of the class. With the introduction of mass media, the shift from joint families to nuclear families, changes in the school and work organizations, all these resulted in disintegrating and polarizing the community of the working class. This method of polarization gave rise to youth culture (Hebdige 74).

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