Women’s sports

Instructions: You  are the coach of a women’s team (you pick the sport) at your local  college. The team has been finishing below .500 for the past five years  and your athletic director just told you the president is thinking of  dropping the program. The president/principal doesn’t see the value of  women’s sports anyway and since the team isn’t winning he/she has a hard  time allocating funds to support the program. Your  athletic director has asked you to create a Power Point presentation  for the president/principal showing the importance of keeping the  women’s program and the benefits to the institution. Your presentation  should include a notes section (see description of  notes section below) which has exactly what you would say with each  slide.  The first  slide of your presentation should provide the demographics of your  institution, it can be fictional or real, but needs to provide name,  location, student body numbers, number of student-athletes, number of  sports, level of play, etc.  

Notes section: The  notes section in PPT allows you to type your script so when you’re  showing your presentation you can read directly from these notes. Under  view in the PPT document you can click on notes to see it. Minimum 15 slides. No plagiarism. Must follow directions completely, must include at least 2 APA scholarly sources in the notes section.

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