Winters Bone

Need an argumentative essay on Winters Bone. Needs to be 2 pages. Ree sets out to look for her father, where she goes through the world of a drug user as his father is a drug producer, and Ree ends up consulting the local crime boss. She is told that her father died in a met lab fire or could have left town to avoid the trial for which he is out on bail. Ree’s father fails to show up for trial and the bondsman looks for Ree and informs her that there is about a week before their property is seized, where she then explains her findings about her father being dead. Ree then visits the local crime boss again to ask about her father and gets a beating by the boss’s women, who then offer to show her dad’s bones. They take him to the place where takes her father’s badly decaying body, which she takes to the sheriff, and she receives the bond and her uncle Teardrop tells her he knows who killed her father.This sad movie dwells on the issues of family and drugs, as well as crime as a whole and how the two vices affect a family. The drugs affect Ree’s family in that her family becomes dysfunctional following the charging of his father on account of being part of a methamphetamine manufacturing ring. The effects on the family go deeper in that even Ree’s uncles are part of the drugs world to the point that they cannot play a part in assisting Ree to find her father. In addition, the theme of drugs is also seen in the role of the local crime boss whose women are on drugs too, for which Ree’s father is killed.In relation to crime, the local crime boss, seems to be aware of all occurrences revolving the activities and whereabouts of Ree’s father. This is as seen in the case where he refers to Ree’s father as having died in a fire or even left town to avoid charges. Crime goes on to be portrayed in the murder of Ree’s father, where they find his remains under a boat. The issue of family is also shown in how Ree is dedicated to protecting her family even at a young age, where she

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