Why the North won the Civil War

List and discuss three primary reasons why the North won the Civil War.  Each answer must be distinct from the others.Have the essay completed, before you start the exam.  Then, simply paste or type your answer into the space provided. Do not attach a file.  If you email this to me, instead of paste your answer into the test, I must deduct 5 points from your answer.  The answer must be written in three paragraphs (one for each reason) and submitted along with the objective questions within the 2 1/2 hour time limit. An essay of this type is typically 1 single or 2 double-spaced pages long.Copying from an Internet source and pasting into your essay will result in a 0 for the entire exam score–use only the resources provided by this course (Textbook, Lecture Notes, PowerPoint presentations, Virtual Reader, American Perspectives).

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