Walter O’Malley

Walter O’Malley moves the brooklyn dodgers to los angeles Walter O’Malley attended Jamaica High School for two years. Later he joined the Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana. It was in Culver that he developed the interest of writing about sports and became the associate editor for the student newspaper. He tried his hand at baseball in Culver, but his career was cut short as he was hit on the nose by the ball. He then graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Here, he was twice elected as the class president due to his leadership qualities and his understanding of politics. At Pennsylvania, he received the prestigious ‘Spoon Man’ award and graduated as an outstanding student. Later, he earned his Law degree from Fordham University. As a youngster, Walter was a huge baseball fan, specifically the New York Giants. In his early career, he worked as a depression-era bankruptcy lawyer. George V. McLaughlin, President of the Brooklyn Trust Company and a member of Robert Moses Triborough Bridge (and later Tunnel) Authority, was a friend of Walter. The Brooklyn Trust had many mortgages on properties whose value had depreciated during the era of the depression. O’Malley offered McLaughlin legal assistance in an effort to extract value from the worthless properties, through selling off collateral, mortgage foreclosures and rewriting payment terms. This led to O’Malley making a big career move permanently leaving his New York law career and joining the Dodgers as their full-time Vice President and General Counsel. In 1944 he purchased 25 percent of the stocks of the estate along with Dodger President Branch Rickey and Andrew Smiths. The estate of Charles Ebbets included half the stock his family-owned in the Brooklyn Dodgers. O’Malley and Branch Rickey together bought the Ebbets shares in 1945. Later, by 1950, O’Malley had full control of the team. Although the team was doing very well the stadium had many shortcomings. There were problems with the space for parking, plumbing was bad, and the audiences were very uncomfortable as there was not enough space to seat the crowd. O’Malley then wanted to build a new stadium for the Dodgers. However, after a lot of effort, he did not get sufficient space to build the stadium and then decided to shift the team from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. Many people had misunderstood O’Malley’s move and were upset as they did not know the whole story.

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