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Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The management of Brisbane is tasked with functions like planning organising, leading and controlling in order to attain the organisational goals in an efficient and effective manner. The department is experiencing poor organisation and line managers have resigned due to inability to participate in decision-making and tall organisational structure that has led to concentration of power among the senior executives and lack of delegation of authority and responsibility. The recommendations will enable the virtual business attain efficiency and effectiveness in job coordination, delegation, use of power and improve decision-making.

According to the General Manager of Brisbane branch, four of the line managers in my department have resigned in the last six weeks due to lack of enough participation in decision-making.

From the outset, the department is experiencing poor organisation and this has led to high hierarchy within the business and concentration of power among the senior managers. The organisation function of management deals with assignment of duties and responsibilities, delegation of authority, and determination of communication channels and relationships within the virtual business.

In addition, the managers are expected to divide and group related organisational activities in to departments and conduct job design within the department. The virtual business must have an effective organisational structure that facilitates faster decision-making, efficient communication and team building within the department (Williams, 2008). It is critical to engage the subordinates such as the line managers in decision-making and implement feedback channels that will enable the senior managers understand the concerns and grievances of the line managers in order to avoid the high turnover of the talented employees.

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