Vankin’s Mile

END Program #2 Vankin’s Mile 12.5%Due: 10/14/2015Assignment:Vankin’s Mile is a solitaire game played on an n x n square grid. The player starts by placing a token on any square of the grid. Then on each turn, the player moves the token either one square to the right or one square down. The game ends when player moves the token off the edge of the board. Each square of the grid has a numerical value, which could be positive, negative, or zero. The player starts with a score of zero; whenever the token lands on a square, the player adds its value to his/her score. The object of the game is to score as many points as possible. For example, given the grid below, the player can score 8-6+7-3+4 = 10 points by placing the initial token on the 8 in the second row, and then moving down, down, right, down, down.-1 7 -8 10 -5-4 -9 8 -6 05 -2 11 -6 7-12 4 7 -3 -37 1 -6 4 -9Allow the Vankin’s Mile grid to be specified in an input file.vankins_in.txt//first two lines are the dimensions of the gridAllow the user to type vankins

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