United Petro

The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Although she was not recognized in United Petro this will be a better opportunity for her to develop her career as a chemical engineer as it will lead to her success.

Issue no.1 The safety of the people and workers in the surrounding area. Penny has the knowledge on the effect of the plant not only to workers but the surrounding environment. To show her concern in the welfare of everyone she should stand up and protect the safety of the people by either assisting in making a better and safer plant.

Issue no.2.The contract at United Petro on non-disclosure and non-compete. When in a contract there are terms and conditions which must comply and by Penny accepting not to reveal the things she had learned in United Petro she was supposed to consider this in her decision making. She therefore is not supposed to give out information even if she is an employee.

Issue no. 3.To participate in the making of the alpha –denitrophol by sharing her views and opinions. Penny was a member in the assignment of making the denitrophol to which she was to give her opinions on the plant. Since she had acquired knowledge from her previous job it would be right for her to share on what she knew will lead to its production.

Issue no. 1. Revealing on a better way of making the project work using the ideas in UP. As an employer in CCC she should be able to participate actively in the making of the plant and from her previous experience this is a better opportunity to use it in her job.

Issue no.2.Contacting with the previous company UP before revealing on what would be helpful to the project in Consolidated Chemical Company. Although this may lead to misunderstandings, it is a good way of showing gratitude to the previous company. It is also an ethical way considering that she was in the contract on not revealing her experience in other companies (Harris & Michael 32).

Issue no.3.Contacting her company…

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