Transcendence: A Movie Analysis

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Transcendence: A Movie Analysis. According to Kaye (2014), Evelyn and Max (Bettany), the dearest ally of the Castor’s, tried to take Will’s investigation to the limit and tried to associate Will’s genius brainpower into PINN. Evelyn supposes they cannot salvage Will’s body, his brain remains whole and as steady as ever. If the uploads succeeds, it is considered that Will would accomplish ‘singularity’ that is the uploading of a person brain into a computer. Will claims this is transcendence and as the possibilities remain infinite, Evelyn and Max are uncertain of the predicaments of the move. While Max is as bright as Evelyn and Will, he acknowledges that there ought to be limitations to technology. As Will is getting to Transcendence, Max realizes the much damage Will can do if unchecked (Kaye, 2014).

The movie is an intriguing combination, as Transcendence battles with free will. It is clear both are dreams of the contemporary universe, the conviction in the might of science to surpass human being potential and the invaluable contribution that is individual freedom. With this consideration, it is in order to support that rules governing technology should be updated faster than the expansion of technology so as to guide technology exploration extent (Kaye, 2014). For example, a terrorist group commanded by Kate Maras Bree engineers a number of strikes on research labs to put the artificial intelligence (AI) research back. They believe that generating an omnipotent supercomputer with a human brain is an ill advised idea. This is a point shared by many and confirms that rules governing technology must be in place to avoid negative technology exploration (Kaye, 2014).

The movie brings to light the concepts of trans-humanism, post-humanism, and the take of religion consideration in the technology advancement age, hinting at an essential societal transformation to come. This calls for ethical consideration in technology exploration (Seitz,

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