The story of an hour

Create a thesis and an outline on The story of an hour what truly kills louise. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. What truly kills Louise in The Story of An Hour? Mrs. Louise Mallard has been a debatable in The Story of An Hour. Mrs. Louise Mallard died because she was extremely displeased with the return of her husband and received a shock to realize that he was alive. Although it is told in the story that Mrs. Louise Mallard has a heart trouble, it would have been easier for the audience to believe that she truly loved her husband and wanted him very dearly had she died after hearing the obituary of her husband, but that did not happen! Instead, she died when she learnt that her husband was alive. This clearly generates the overt yet hidden message that the news of her husband’s death being fake was the last thing she wanted to learn, though apparently, it reflects and is also frequently argued by the analysts that it was indeed the joy of happiness of her husband’s death news being fake that killed her. Had Mrs. Louise Mallard been so happy to have her husband back, she had no reason to feel her soul and body liberated before when she thought that her husband was dead. She would have shown an emotional outburst because of the overwhelming sadness or probably would have fainted for a while because of the shock she had received she learnt about the death news of her husband, but nothing of this sort happened which falsifies the idea that she eventually died because she could not withstand the overwhelming feeling of happiness when her husband showed up near the end of the story.

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