The Olympic Games

Create a thesis and an outline on The Olympic Games do not bring lasting benefits to the host country. Discus. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. What is required is such an uplift which will make the country more prosperous and developed after the completion of the Olympic Games, but sadly the same is missing in the long run.The Olympic Games have been the most renowned and expensive events and the fact that these come every four years raises quite a few points for the different sectors. The public sector sees benefits coming in from different angles and the private sector gets in touch with the different companies, institutions and organizations to extract the best possible mileage for their respective areas of business. (Crowther, 2005) The financial benefits start becoming lesser when the Olympic Games finish and this is one aspect that is looked upon by the economic domains of the host country with an eye of skepticism and worry. The prosperity of the host nation must be such that it remains in the longer duration but it fades out in an instant fashion – a discussion which has more questions than answers on the part of the people at the helm of affairs when it comes to the successful hosting of the Olympic Games.The Olympic Games bring a cultural boom within the host country. Its different economic sectors start getting the positive vibes about the happenings on and off the Olympics fields. Also there is a lot of room for the media to showcase the talent which is available on display. The whole society experiences a completely different mindset, emitting from the Olympics’ domains. This happens each time a host nation is chosen, usually some 5-6 years before the actual holding of the Olympic Games. For instance a couple of years back, London was given the rights to hold the 2012 Olympic Games and thus the festivity began just then. (Roulac, 1993) It will continue to increase until the day it essentially gets inaugurated (when the Games get launched with the Olympic torch).

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