The impact of cross cultural leadership

Compose a 3000 words essay on The impact of cross cultural leadership on an employees performance: a comparative study of UK and Nigeria using a case of Royal Dutch Shell. Needs to be plagiarism free!A significant management an d leadership practice that is effective and works well in United Kingdom might give way to disastrous results in plant of some other diversified economy and vice versa. Furthermore, the increasingly diversified nature of the workforce across the borders and places where a multi-national company has its operations presents challenges to the leadership from the presence of multiculturalism in the workforce (Dicksona et al 2003).There is a dramatic increase in the cross-cultural interaction in multinational corporations Social scientists define culture as the set of characteristics that are responsible for differentiating groups in a way that is consistently identifiable and meaningful.Combining the two concepts of leadership and culture, the word cross in the cross cultural leadership refers to the culture of the leader or the influencer being different from that of the followers. Thus, cross cultural leadership is the ability of the leader to influence as well as motivate the members of a culturally different group in an intentionally and unequally manner towards the attainment of a defined set of goals and the valued outcome by forming an appeal to the shared knowledge as well as meaning systems of that specific culturally different group.In cross cultural leadership, it is implied on the part of leaders to have an understanding of the implication of the differences present in the knowledge and meaning systems of the followersÂ’ culture and they should well incorporate these differences in their influence process (Bosma 2007).The concept of cross cultural leadership has an effect on the performance of the employee as the there are differences in the leadership style and behavior across cultures and it affects the performance and satisfaction of employees in the organization.Leadership is an essential ingredient in defining success or failure of the organization. Presence of cultural

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