The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien

Submit a 4250 words paper on the topic The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien. However, not only does the work of john use imaginative writing, it also incorporates other styles of literature in a bid to compliment the various themes and consequently enhance the plot while at the same time creating memorability of the particular piece of literature. Evidently, since johns work are majorly fictional stories, they are aimed to target audience who are young in terms of age and therefore read literature that is captivating while at the same time helps them to get an insight into the world of literature. However, in this paper we are going to focus on the novel, the hobbit written by john. In addition to that, we try to establish the various style of literature employed in this particular work of art and highlight on the relevance in the development of the plot and the themes of the story. Perhaps, in this paper we are going to focus on the role of imaginary writing approaches used by john in this particular novel. On that note, in order to get a glimpse on the role of imagery in this particular narrative, it is essential to read and consequently read and properly understand the plot of the story.First and foremost, the hobbit was first published in September 21st, 1937. On that note, it is one of the most successful works of literature produced by John (Watson, 253). For instance, the New York Herald Tribune named this book as being the best juvenile fiction and a prize was awarded. The hobbit is a story about elves and dwarfs. Apparently, Gandalf who is a wizard uses trickery on Bilbo Baggins who is a hobbit, in a bid to enable Bilbo to welcome and host a group of reunion of Thorin and his dwarf counterparts (Walker, 7). On that note, the meeting is purposed to addressing ways in which they can reclaim their homeland. Lonely mountains. Notably, they use the element of musicality to air their views and as the song come to a halt, Gandalf the wizard, reveals that he is in possession of a map that highlights a secret entrance into the mountain. On their endeavour to reach this destination, they pass through the misty mountain where they are attacked by goblins that live in that area and they are forced to go deep into the ground through canyons. However, Gandalf was able to save them but Bilbo was separated from this group as they escaped from the goblins (Nelson, 38). At this point in the story, john uses imagery to describe the structural makeup of the goblins in comparison to the dwarfs. In addition to that, we are able to learn that the dwarfs were small in size and thus at a disadvantage as compared to the goblins (Nelson, 38). Notably, at this juncture, the use of imagery to create mental pictures in a bid boost the understanding of the situation better in relation to the audience was essential. In the course of the separation with his fellow comrades, Bilbo gets lost in the goblin tunnels and it is at this point that he acquires a mysterious ring from Gollum, who eventually helps him find his way out of the goblin tunnel as a reward of unravelling the riddles posed to him by Gollum (Christensen, 10). However, Bilbo was able to use the abilities of the ring. provide invisibility to the one wearing it, to escape the goblin tunnels and was able to reunite with his fellow dwarfs thus boosting his reputation among the dwarf who previously viewed him as weak and full of fear.

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