The Collapse of the Mayan Empire

Write 12 pages with APA style on The Collapse of the Mayan Empire: The Unraveling of the Truth. In 1521, when the Spanish conquerors started the invasion of Mexico and Central America, they pacified the collapsing vestiges of the Mayan civilization that can be traced back as far as 2000 B.C. The Mayan civilization designed chains of independent cities. some were peopled by 50,000 inhabitants, but obviously related merely through insignificant discrepancies of a generally understood language, trade and commerce. Their deities were identical. their edifices were comparable. their writing system the same. The Mayan civilization was an empire in all its aspects. it was a civilization with sovereigns and priests who had grasped on mathematics, engineering and astronomy, sustained by an agricultural structure that is peasant-based (Adams 1956).Nevertheless, the Mayas are popular because of the mystery regarding the fall of their civilization. There were a number of assumptions or theories that were formulated. One of the theories is warfare. the impression that the Mayas were tranquil and peaceful inhabitants disappeared prematurely in the explorations. Paintings illustrate warriors and narrations carved on walls that recount ancient conflicts and battles. Determined archaeologists discovered ruins of fortified and equipped cities. Tulum was enclosed by towering walls on the side facing the land, and by steep cliffs on the coastal zone (Cowgil 1956). Other excavations have unveiled cities that had been fortified swiftly after preliminary construction. temples were battered down to obtain building materials. However, specialists and scholars are troubled whether warfare was as far-reaching and catastrophic as to have been able to wipe out an entire civilization. Even though cities were subjugated, there was no massive destruction of edifices as has in olden times taken place in major defeats (Toner 2003). Evidently, the Mayas simply abandoned their territory and the jungle took advantage.

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