The Business Organization Of McDonald’s

Write a 12 page essay on The Business Organization Of McDonald’s. The gradual transition that saw the move from the previous industrial age an into the information age has been seen to bring management and leadership changes within various organizations. It has been argued that the machine view of organizations is essentially a closed system and is not able to satisfactorily accommodate the required in the rapidly changing information age environment. It is imperative that all organizations ensure that they progressively become more flexible in nature so as to remain competitive in addition to being able to adequately respond to the growing number of various economic pressures, the extremely rapid pace of change, the expanding globalization, as well as the seemingly increasing influx of both technology and information. The constant need for organizations to be flexible has been seen to precipitate organizational structures that are seen to be inherently leaner, flatter as well as more cooperative. As opposed to mechanistic organizations where change is invariably seen to be mostly controlled at the task or action level, the metaphor of viewing organizations as the human brain is seen to involve a process of double-loop learning. A double-loop learning system is seen to look at the various variable that is seen to govern actions, this essentially means attempting to understand the deeper assumptions that happen to normally be taken-for-granted underneath the usual operational norms. People are encouraged to attempt and critically examine their own behavior.

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