Technology Advancement on HealthCare

AbstractThere were days when patients needed to go to schedule doctor’s appointment, and go to health care center, wait for long hours and if any tests needed to be done to took long hours for the examination and the reports to come. However, in-order to provide fast and best health care support to the patients there is a huge digital shift that took place over the years with health care industry.With the help of advancement in technology there is huge digital transformation in the health care industry. It has helped to provide best possible customer services, that includes longer, safer, healthier and productive human lives.With the growing technological advancement in the present global economy. Technology has provided great benefits to the entire health care industry. Health care industry was hugely benefitted with advanced strategies and organizing big data towards advances made in various hospital equipment’s. It has provided Integrated view of patient’s data, integrated communication support and clinical decision support. Research Outline1. Introduction 1.1 HealthCare 1.2 Impact of Technology Advancement on HealthCare1.3 Need and Benefits of Technology Advancement in HealthCare2. Background 2.1 Evolution of Technology in HealthCare3. Relevant Theory Exploration4. HealthCare 4.1 Impact of AI in HealthCare4.2 Impact of Blockchain4.3 Invention of wearables and IOT technology5. Lessons Learned by the Research Team5.1 Collaborative Studies and Research5.2 Ease of Online Appointments 6. Future research 6.1 Advancement in Technology 6.2 Implementation and use of Technology

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