Technology’s infusion

Write a 750 word paper answering; Since its inception technology’s infusion into life has transformed the lives of human beings slowly and steadily and has evolved the human society into its present state- the state which is miraculously poles apart from where the society stood just a few decades ago. This infusion of technology and successive increasing inclination is, however having both good and bad effects upon it adapters. One the one hand there is one school of thought which argues that technology is to ma like blood is to human body. They claim that technology is extremely beneficial and it unending benefits make life extremely feasible for man to live their life. From computing devices assisting man at every unit time to the limitless number of software that do thousands of tasks for man, people argue that there is now way by which such a beneficial invention could be non- beneficial for man. “Digital technologies have had a profound impact on most aspects of human life. The rapid pace of technological development has given the current generation one of the most fascinating eras in which to live. Technological advances are leading to life changing scientific breakthroughs, new business management paradigms, and a more inclusive and connected global society.” (Baldauf, Stair, 2011) On the other hand there is this other school of thought who argues that technology infusion is gaining a dangerous pace among human beings and it is thus becoming highly dangerous for their own personal lives. People afraid of the dangerous inclination of technology towards man contend that people get so very used to checking their connecting gadgets and their office work all the time that they even tend to forget their meal times and their personal obligations towards their families and friends. It is as if technology infusion has actually taken over their lives and their distractions from their personal lives are not even detectable to them. Others even maintain that the thought of assuming that multitasking enables more productivity is actually not true. While people think that they actually are multitasking and are getting several tasks done simultaneously they originally are unable to concentrate on even one single task. There is absolutely no task of getting creativity done if one is multitasking and is trying to work at the same time on their Smartphone, laptop and tablet etcetera. People become this much freaks that even the thought of not remaining connected to their gadgets for the sixteen seconds in which the train in which they are travelling passes through a subway is not acceptable to them. The look forward to the passing of those sixteen seconds as soon as possible so that the connectivity to their gadgets is maintained again. “Technological change is the major source of cultural change in any society.” (Andersen, Taylor, 2007) My view is that over exposure to any thing is not safe and not good for anyone. Thus even the overexposure to technology is not recommended. Our personal lives are the most cherished things man has been blessed with. Thus we would be taking advantage of the benefits of technology but should not let them take over our minds and souls for all times. When it comes to the topic of the affects of things on the personal lives of human beings, most of us will readily agree that our family and personal lives should have the utmost importance and should not be neglected at all.

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