Systems for operations management

Write 13 pages thesis on the topic systems for operations management. I am John Smith. I have joined M/s Jason Machineries Inc. as an operation manager. Jason Machineries manufactures special Purpose machines and caters to the needs of the local market. The shop floor consists of machining, welding, grinding, assembly of sub-parts, final assembly, and testing. I have investigated the operations of this organization as it happening presently. This report gives the details of my investigation of the operations and my observations including the areas I feel need to be improved upon. There was a serious problem on the shop floor. I felt that there is a need for Business Process Re-engineering on the shop floor. I made the necessary changes and implemented them, which significantly made a dramatic change in the operation. I have gone through the theoretical aspects of operation Management and analyzed the operations here according to the theoretical aspects. I have tried to define these terminologies and find their importance of these aspects in operation management. I have given the steps and processes involved in some of the important aspects of operation management mentioned above.Basing on the definitions and my observations, I have given some suggestions, which I believe will improve the operations of the organization. While analyzing I have used a few tools of operation management. )The definition of Operation Management can be given as Management of all the activities that are directly concerned with the products of an organization. Here the products can be tangible or intangible. For example, for an automobile manufacturing unit, the products are car or Light Commercial vehicles or heavy vehicles whatever it may be, whereas for an Insurance company the products are its policies or for a utility distribution company the products are their services. But what is common in all those examples is that they get some input, either in materials or in services, they process it with the help of manpower and pieces of machinery, they provide customers with some tangible benefit. This whole process is operation Management.

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