Summary of the Idea of the Memoirs of an Ex-Hippie

Write an essay on Summary of the Idea of the Memoirs of an Ex-Hippie: Seven Years in the Counterculture. Write a 250 word paper answering; Using his bus – which brought everything together in a cohesive story-telling – he was able to depict concepts, issues, and themes about the period as well as subjects of self-discovery set against stories involving hitchhikers, cops, strangers and friends. For many readers, the point of view of an ex-hippie revisiting his exploits years past offers an insight about the potency of the hippie culture and how it affected the contemporary society as well as the present lives of the likes of Mr. Roskind. The book opens up an entirely new world that goes beyond the stereotypical conception of the hippie culture as that one entailing the growing of one’s hair, the sexual revolution, drug use, and communal living. The author enlightens its readers about these themes in a simple and endearing narrative.

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