Substantive audit procedures

Describe the substantive audit procedures Taylor should consider performing in auditing Palmer’s goodwill and trademark assets. Do not discuss Palmer’s internal controls. If Taylor engages a valuation specialist, will be used as audit evidence.An auditor generally follows a substantive strategy when auditing long term debt and capital accounts because . The auditor may follow a reliance strategy when15-2. The most important assertions for long term debt are. The documents that normally contain the authorization to issue long term debt is15-3. Substantive analytical procedures may be used to provide evidence on the reasonableness of interest expense by15-4. Confirmations of long term debt provide evidence about the following assertions15-5. The registrar has the following functions. The transfer agent is responsible for . The dividend disbursing agent performs

Multiple Choice

Which of the following questions would an auditor most likely include on a control questionnaire for notes payable…

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