Style of Love Styles of Love

Write an article on style of love Paper must be at least 250 words. Topic: Style of Love Styles of Love Jack and Sarah are in relationship for three years. They started up with a glance of each other and were attracted. They love each other for they have everything they want in their life partner. They kind of idealize each other and form a type of romantic love which is the dream of many. Michael and Angela love each other for Michael has everything that a girl wants to have in her future life including a good job, luxurious life, good house and loads of patience and good attitude. Angela, on the other hand, forms a perfect picture of an idealized and beautiful lady with skills to keep a home clean and managed. They both have the qualities which may give them a satisfactory future life without compromising their life comforts. They form a type of logical love. The romantic and logical loves are similar in a way that each partner tries to find their personal priorities in their life partners. Once they find their priorities, they start loving each other. Romantic love, however, is different from logical love in a way that it denies any logic once the partners are romantically involved with each other. I have experienced selfless love from my family, romantic love from my partner and logical love from many of my friends. I completely agree that there are many different style so f love and each style has its own charm and feelings attached to the relationship.

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