Strategic Management

Write 1 page essay on the topic Strategic Management.The article looks at various issues concerning strategic management at various organizations. For instance, the article addresses the concern of why some CEOs remain in office during a performance downturn while other managers don’t. This they argue through a social status perspective which is a key highlight in strategic management. The authors argue that a personal board channel embeddedness – as reflected in the sum of outside directorships – plays an essential role in dismissal management decisions. Furthermore, the authors predict that a high status of the managers relative to the COB protects unproductive CEO against dismissal during the comparative salience of board network outsiders always counters this impacts, in the long run. This is done so well by the author through data from German.Despite the fact the fact that the article may be partly criticized for the inability to offer sufficient data, the article is good in addressing contemporary issues in strategic management. The article helps address concerns that arise during depression and as such offers long lasting solutions. The article is also focused on improvement and further development of various theories and practice of strategic management. One can also argue that it is well detailed and designed to appeal to both practicing CEOs and academicians in the

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