Strategic magagement

Create a 6 pages paper that discusses strategic magagement. The company that is going to be discussed is Apple—most notably because Apple just did appoint a new CEO. Steve Jobs is now no longer the CEO. Instead that post will be taken over by Tim Cook, who was second-in-command. This is the implementation plan for Apple that emphasizes each of the eight components of strategy execution, which will be described in depth herein. Apple’s strategic business unit (SBU) could probably be best defined by its various technologies (the MacBook, iPod, and iPhone)—so we will focus on those elements for right now in terms of what will work as a strategy versus what won’t.Every manager has an active role. Every manager at Apple will continue to have the most of the same levels of responsibility that he or she was managing before the change of the CEO. Some responsibilities, however, may shift in terms of what is expected of each manager. Some managers at the Apple Genius Bars, for example, may have to relinquish control to higher-ups, and also do some work of the incoming recruits—thus having to be more adaptable to any new company policy.There is no proven “formula” for implementing particular types of strategies. Apple does not claim to have any corner on the market when it comes to product development, per se. rather, Apple has an ingenuity that defies definition. To say that there is no proven formula for success is partially untrue. There are certain guidelines which help make sure that a product line will have success, and that is what will be discussed more in-depth in the next section.there are definitely guidelines within the Apple corporation about how to implement new business strategies. Apple culture dictates that, although there are set guidelines, but no one need be so strictly adherent about the policies that it overrides creativity within the corporation.

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