Special Education Attitude

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Special Education Attitude, Legislation and Litigation.With good teachers and proper infrastructure the branch of Special Education is gradually becoming as important as any other stream.The education department of the United States of America has formulated policies that equally prioritize education for students with disabilities. To this purpose Individual’s with Disabilities Education Act has been developed and passed to ensure maximum benefit on the part of the disabled children in receiving standard education. IDEA has brought a refreshing transformation not only in the action plan but in changing people’s perspective towards the talent and potential of disabled children. Schools and other educational organizations have started giving noticeable importance in dispensing proper and quality education to the student with disabilities. IDEA has been made taken into consideration the different sectors of education including teacher education and training in special education focusing on the needs of the students with disabilities.In keeping with the No Child Left behind Policy (NCLB) new laws have been sanctioned and the old ones revised to bring perceptible changes in education for students with disabilities. The laws cater to the educational growth and development of disabled children. The branch of Special education has been re-emphasized so as to revolutionize it in terms of standard and quality. Specific laws have been promulgated to screen and identify students with disabilities within a general classroom so as to give them special attention within the classroom or develop a problem related special educational ambience for the child depending on the needs of the child. Emphasis is being given on developing a proper and need-oriented infrastructure supported by adequate funds for early intervention services (EIS, 2006). It has come to the notice of educational thinkers and administrators that the new law under IDEA reinvents IEP or the

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