Social Media Influence on Fashion Industry

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses How Instagram as a Social Media has Influence on Fashion Industry. The essay “How Instagram as a Social Media has Influence on Fashion Industry” investigates the impact of Instagram on Fashion Industry. Previously, the fashion industry’s had a standard means of communication referred to as tell style. It was a one-way and was so limiting. Public relations professionals dictated and control their organizational methods. conversely, social media have actively enforced monitoring and discussing of contents with consumers without any interference in between.

Today, the power discussion in the fashion industry is directly related to the influence one has on critics and consumers, as opposed to just advertising or selling merchandise. An effective influence is one that results to recognition of the industry’s brand. generate discussion, and approval of the consumer via several comments. Instagram is an application contained on mobilephones and can be used for sharing of photos and serves the same social goals as Tumblr, but in a prettier, scaled-down way. Many use this Instagram as a channel of self-expression.

Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram’s appeal lies in its number of provided utilities both for individuals that love fashion and for owners of fashion brands. Many use Instagram to do several things like display their personal lines, makeup tips, cooking recipes and many other skills they have, but fashion is the most seen on these networks. Instagram app allows many to express their sense of fashion and is highly used today to influence how one views and captures fashion.

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