Simulated Tactics/Planning Meeting

Task #4: Simulated Tactics/ Planning Meeting (Individual) (7.2 points) (submitted Week #8) This is step is being completed as an individual task.  In an incident, the actual tactics and planning meetings would be completed as a command and general staff group.  The tactics meeting is where the specific actions that need to be taken to meet incident objectives are determined.  This leads to the identification of specific resources that will be needed to accomplish incident objectives (personnel, equipment, and other typed resources).  For this task, you will focus on your assigned response discipline and consider the organization and resources needed to successfully accomplish the incident objectives.  You should quickly realize how large a task this is if you engaged it across the response disciplines. Use the DHS Resource Typing Library Tool (  examine specific resource types.  The resources listed within the Central City materials may not be named consistent with the types resources as these are a relatively recent development for some response disciplines.  Complete the ICS 215 form (this is a worksheet and does not become part of the Incident Action Plan) to determine the resource needs for your discipline to accomplish incident objectives.  Make sure that your allocations are realistic and could be obtained with the initial short time period of the incident.  Use the Central City Document to specifically identify resources available in the vicinity. Upload ICS-215 to the Assignments Folder. Use the incident map to specifically describe where you will stage and assign requested resources.  (Ex. – If you are making a perimeter make sure you show how your resources will secure a perimeter – 1 Central City Police Officer at the corner of 1st Street and Third Avenue).  You will need to write a 2-3 page narrative, but can also support it with a map if you have the technology available to manipulate the map.  Using a map is not required, but you must specifically describe how the resources will be assigned and the function they will perform.  (Remember if you going to have 100 firefighters you need to explain to me where they came from)  Upload description to the Assignment Folder. For one of the groups you created in the operations section in task #3 complete an ICS-204 form that details the personnel and the control operations to be completed by the group.  Be specific in location and action.  (Just as in completing the ICS-215 consider what it would take to complete ICS 204s for each element in your discipline and across all of the response disciplines) Upload to assignments folder.GRADING AND SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS TASK:Complete the ICS 215 form and upload to assignment folder.Upload description of resources and uses to the Assignment Folder.Complete ICS 204 form and upload to the assignment folder.

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