Scholarly Journal Analysis

Scholarly Journal Analysis. It needs to be at least 750 words. Moreover, various primary and secondary data sources were utilized to evaluate and establish any potential link between the legalization of marijuana and the subsequent exhibited use, potential abuse and apparent dependence. The findings indicated that there is an evident relationship between higher use and tendencies for marijuana abuse and dependence on states that legalized marijuana for medicina purposes, as compared to the states that did not.

An evaluation of the information, methods, analysis, and discussion of results in the article reveals that the authors used the appropriate structure, language, as well as presentation style to effectively validate their contentions. The use of major headings and sub-headings clearly delineated main topics of discussion.

Moreover, the authors’ ability to select the most appropriate method perfectly match the conceptual framework which validated the results. In addition, the language used was straightforward and comprehensible which assisted readers from diverse educational backgrounds to grasp the intended messages.

As noted, the sources of data were explicitly identified and effectively structured. It was commendable that the findings were presented in a clear and consistent format where the entire discussion of results were expounded according to justifications for relationships found. Four (4) mechanisms were noted to rationalize the relationships between legalization of medical marijuana in identified states to the rate of use and potential abuse or dependency. As contended, these mechanisms could become frameworks for future research on the study.

Concurrently, the authors observed the need to maintain objectivity through indicating as much as five (5) limitations of the research which were extensively explained. In addition, suggestions on areas of focus for future research were also indicated to provide interested researchers to pursue studies sharing..

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