Saint Patrick Pioneer Mission

Write 2 pages with APA style on Saint Patrick Pioneer Mission to Ireland. Although many people were against his will of becoming a missionary, he did not give attention to them and managed to proceed with his ambitions (McHugh 12). He declared that because God conquered on his life, he had the obligation of preaching the word to unbelievers. With such an astonishing spirit, Saint Patrick went to Ireland to publish the gospel to all people without discrimination. He suffered many persecutions from unbelievers but did not lose heart. He also suffered many insults from the people of Ireland who did not believe in God. One of the advantages that Saint Patrick had is that he understood the language and customs of the Irish people. After some time, people started gathering at his crusades in large numbers. He could always acknowledge his presence by beating a kettledrum. In order to move the hearts of the Irish people, Patrick told sweet stories that demonstrated the achievement of Christ (McHugh 10). After teaching the Irish people how to read, Patrick encouraged the importation of various useful books. Many of the books came from England and France. Another achievement that Patrick managed to accomplish is that he established cloisters. These were missionary schools of which many people got the chance of learning about the gospel. Some people managed to train on how to minister the word of God in these schools. Through his pioneer mission, Saint Patrick managed to baptize many people in Ireland (McHugh 60). Saint Patrick marked to be one of the greatest missionaries in history because he managed to deal with the prejudice of Irish people. He also conformed to the political institutions in Ireland. Through his hard-working, the Christianity he founded in Ireland became self-supporting after a short period. Even though Saint Patrick encountered many difficulties in his missionary work especially from the political arena, he contributed a lot to establishing Christianity in Ireland. He also made good relationships with Irish people and portrayed positive characteristics of how Christianity ought to be. Moreover, many people were motivated through his teaching and belief about the judgment day. He demonstrated the scripture injunctions literally and mostly quoted the bible in his teaching (McHugh 32). This made many people believe in him and accepted to be baptized.

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