Résumé Analysis

Erin is reviewing applications for the position of Cost Accountant to be based at All-Weather’s plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She has received 12 applications for the position. As she picks up the first two résumés (given below), she sees in them a few problems right away (like most HR executives, Erin detests typos).

Suddenly a thought strikes her. Why not ask Kioni, who is reading an old departmental report, to go through the résumés, preparing a list of their strengths and weaknesses? Not only will the exercise help Kioni get used to something she herself might do in the future, but Kioni’s going through the résumés will also offer Erin another perspective on these applicants. As always, Kioni jumps at the chance to do what she likes to call “real” work. Based on your reading of Chapter 11, the following job description for the position, and the two résumés attached, help Kioni analyze the two applicants for the position.

Question – What are their strengths and weaknesses as highlighted by their résumés?

Answer – Stan’s Strengths: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, work experience and effective objective.Stan’s Weaknesses, Lacks cost accountant experience (only supervised a cost accountant), no summary of qualifications/skills listed

Jamal’s Strengths: Bachelors Degree in Accounting, CMA certification and experience at manufacturing company

Jamal’s Weaknesses: No objective listed, resume has too many spelling errors

–Provide a meaningful response to the answer above.

Criteria – No word limit and no page requirement; your response need to be substantial, meaning they should contribute some further thoughts to the conversation.

Responses saying only “I agree,” or “Good Job” are empty posts and not counted towards your post total. Response must add to and advances the discussion; be thoughtful, introspective, and relevant to topic; include a personal example or application.

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