Representation on architecture

Submit a 5000 words essay on the topic Can film as a medium support the development of ideas and techniques of representation on architecture.Freed from realitys financial, logistical and legal constraints, cinema is an ideal medium that has been created for utopian visions and different approaches to architectural design. The power of film has helped to bring architectural ideas closer to a broad public, in such films as The cabinet of Dr. Caligari or Metropolis.The 20th century has experienced a shift from an attitude towards consideration of time and space. Therefore space was characterised by physical boundaries while time was continuous, both of which were defined by the stability of the structure. They were also characterised by closed systems consisting of universals free of an individual’s familiarity. The newly-found experience of space and time stood for multiplicity, fragmentation, or rather an open system free from universal continuity recognising the independence of the individual’s perceptions. The important experience was first demonstrated by the works of art forms of the early twenties, which included the simultaneity that is present in Futurism, Cubism, as well as the thriving film industry, which is covered in this paper. The proposal that time and space are intimately and inherently enjoined means that the likelihood of enjoining those forms of art is conventionally understood as spatial of the temporal. While the features of a sound are straightforwardly affected by the space in which it is contained, the recognition of an image can only be understood as time passes by (Awan, Schneider and Till, 2011).The image, which is mobile, is the means through which space and time are inherently combined by means of motion, image, and sound. The moving image is capable of stimulating expectations, memories and presenting simultaneous occurrences in the presence of nonlinear division of space and time. As the new knowledge of space and time becomes stronger, the past, present and future can all be featured in any

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