Qualities of manhood

Write a research paper on qualities of manhood. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Things to Do to achieve Manhood Quality May 12, Manhood is a life of color. Life is an enjoyable voyage. A voyage that is filled with decision making and learning activities. Other facets of life include recovery and unexpected surprises. Learning increases one’s survival rate. Manhood quality includes doing everything to favorably resolve life’s many challenges. Do make life an enjoyable voyage. First, do feel the cool breeze caressing your face as you ride a bike. Second, do camp out with your loved ones as you commune with nature. Third, do visit nature’s unspoiled music by riding through the vast Grand Canyon (Runte 168). Fourth, do feel the cool waters of Niagara Falls’ deep expanse. Consequently, implementing such activities will make you understand that nature is your friend during times favorable and unfavorable manhood situations. Further, do make your best decisions during manhood (Bouyssou 16). First, do determine the problem. Next, do gather valid and relevant data. Third, do list down probable alternatives that may resolve the problem. Lastly, do implement the best alternative. Consequently, these activities ensure better decisions during your manhood years. In terms of conquering life’s challenges, learning will enhance your chances. First, do start learning starts at home (Donoghue 115). Second, do accept your parents unselfishly showering you with their growing up experiences in order to better overcome the grinding uphill climb called life. Third, do learn everything from your teachers consequently, doing these activities will equip you to surpass of life’s formidable challenges. Moreover, do prepare for possible unfavorable situations during manhood (Lliff 107). When in California, do prepare for forest fires. When in Boston, do prepare for bombing surprises. When in Florida, do prepare for hurricanes. When in New York, do everything to avoid being hit by air attacks. Consequently, preparation will reduce the ill effects of unfavorable manhood situations. Additionally, do prepare for life’s unexpected surprises during manhood (Bouyssou18). Do prepare for possible appearance of unidentified flying objects. Do prepare for unexpected tornadoes. As an expectant father, do prepare for twins to appear. Consequently, preparation for surprises will train you to inject acts that will reduce possible unfavorable manhood outcomes. Further, do learn everything needed to shorten your path to achieving your own preset goals and objectives in life (Donoghue 118). Do learn from the masters. The masters include the textbook philosophers like Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, and Socrates. Consequently, learning everything will train you to favorably have an open manhood mind. Furthermore, do learn from your mistakes (Donoghue 119). Do delete from your current choices activities that contribute to mistakes. Do keep all alternatives that reduce future mistakes. Do your best to avoid repeating past mistakes. Consequently, learning from your mistakes will increase your favorable manhood performances. Summarizing the above discussion, life is full of color. Do enjoy life’s many colors. Do plan each manhood strategy in order to make life more enjoyable. Do prepare for eventualities and surprises by assimilating the teachings of the masters. Do learn from your mistakes, avoid similar future acts. Clearly, manhood quality includes doing everything needed to surpass life’s formidable challenges.Works CitedBouyssou, Dennis. Decision Making Process . New York: J. Wiley & Sons, 2010. Print.Donoghue, Tom. Leading Learning: Process. New York: Routledge , 2010. Print.Lliff, Brenda. A Persons Guide to Recovery. New York: Hazelden Press, 2009. Print.Runte, Alfred. National Parks: The American Experience. New York: Taylor Trade Press, 2010. Print.

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