PWM Signal

48622 Mechatronics 1 – PIC18 C – Find the BugsInitial Task: • You are trying to determine the period (in µs) of a PWM Signal connected to pin RG3 by using the ECCP2 Module and outputting it using printf(). • Timer3 is currently being used as heartbeat signal generator by code in an invisible library. • The code is not working ?. Find what’s wrong and fix it. Assumptions: • Fosc = 48MHz • Minimum PWM capture period = 100µs (10KHz) • Maximum PWM capture period = 10,000µs (100Hz)• printf() is instant and requires no setup. Also ALL required libraries are included automagically. • This is not the MXK (i.e. all information needed is in the datasheet). • THERE ARE 7 BUGS IN THIS EXAMPLE Symptoms:• It does nothing except print the lines: o Raw Register = 0 o PWM Period = 0 us o PWM Frequency = 0 KHzCode is on the Next Page. Extra Task: This code could be written better. It repeats itself in a few sections and could use some refactoring all around (cleaning it up). Try understanding what it is trying to do and refactor it using conditionals/functions/variable/return types/parameters/etc. To make it easier to read and understand and possibly shorter.Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3

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