Submit a 9000 words paper on the topic Psychotherapies. This is based on the fact that interactions in nature can help a person become rooted in their own ancestral, biological, innate self. A closer relationship with the natural world is like “coming home,” and such interaction deconstructs the industrial and cultural self and brings the individual back to a closer understanding of essentials.People’s desire for nature is linked not only to their direct exploitation of the environment, but also to the influence of the natural world on our emotions and spiritual predisposition. Edward Wilson (1984) suggested that human identity and progress depend on the relationship with nature. The hypothesis that he asserted is that the human propensity to affiliate with non -human living organisms is genetically based. Wilson’s work in the field of biophilia provides a framework by which a new discipline can be mapped towards a more thorough understanding of the human relationship with nature.The background of ecotherapy is linked to theorists that include Carl Jung and reflect the variety of different types of ecotherapy and perceptions about their value. While there has been a considerable amount of research into ecotherapy and its impacts, the value of specific methods for ecotherapy has been at the center of debates in the therapeutic community. For example, supporters of human-pet therapies maintain that this method is valuable in bringing an individual into closer understanding of the natural world and the interrelation between man and animal. Critics, though, argue that humans sometimes seek out pets and humanize them, creating compliant little “people” instead of creating a relationship with nature (June McNicholas, et al. 2005. James Serpell, 2000). As a result, assessments of the existing methods for ecotherapy should be related through a view of the current literature, and should reflect both the supporters and critics of the different ecotherapy options. Severe environmental issues such as deforestation, tacitly suggest that we are losing our relationship with nature. In addition, oppressive economic conditions predispose people to be more susceptible to all sorts of distresses. Therefore, it will be argued in this paper that people must strengthen their relationship with nature and that this connection should be fully integrated as a therapeutic practice. The fundamental concept of ecotherapy and its therapeutic power states that in order for us to heal ourselves and reconnect to our inner voice, we have to reconnect to nature (Howard Clinebell, 1996). Establish the thesis statement.It is the primary thesis of this paper that people have the potential to overcome their personal distress. What is more, they can dissolve the defensive separation between spirit, mind, and body through the mutual connection between their inner values and the environment. Therefore, physical healing, psychological problem solving, and spiritual awareness can unite under one experience. Sophia Adamson and Ralph Metzner (1988) suggested that the Western societies usually deal with their psychological problems in a rational and socially beneficial way and stated that the traditional procedure follows a medical model that includes drug treatments administered on a regular schedule. The bond between doctor and patient is isolated and restricted.

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