Professional technical report

Need to submit a 4000 words essay on the topic You are to answer the following question and submit for evaluation. Some parts of the question will require research beyond the material discussed in the course. This is intended and is part of the assessment. It will also a professional technical report.This has made it critical to take countermeasures to avert any exploits that can cause losses. This is an important reason as to why such a corporation needs to infuse more resources in security measures to safeguard their information assets.•

Remote dial-up network: simulation where the client uses dial-up connection to set an attack against telephone devices such as modems, fax, and voice mail servers, in cooperation with the local telephone service provider.•

Local network: simulation on an authorized individual such as an employee with network connection privileges. This type of simulation tests the client’s server security firewalls and internal Web servers among other security implementations.•

Stolen equipment: majority of company employees retain sensitive data on their portable devices, such as tablets, PDAs, smart phones and laptop computers and. The ethical hacker will attempt to retrieve the data from these devices, and remotely access servers with unauthenticated credentials.•

Social engineering: this is possibly the most common unavoidable attack and it asses the integrity and level of awareness among the company’s personnel. This attack entails the hacker communicating by either a call or email with the company’s personnel, and using the obtained information to acquire even more information. A typical example is the ethical hacker calling company’s IT department, professing to be an employee who has forgotten the authentication details. If the hacker supposedly has other information, the employee may be tricked into resetting the password. The remedy is creating awareness among the employees on the importance of security.

Network-based attacks are security incidences on network infrastructure (computer & network components and applications) utilising network protocol functions.

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