Processing and Packaging of a Chilled Food Product

Write 12 page essay on the topic Processing and Packaging of a Specified Prepared Chilled Food Product. This essay approves that the appropriate storage conditions labeled on packed chilled food further minimizes the risk of microbial contamination after processing and packaging. The declared minimal shelf life may be lost when improper storage conditions are used or when the storage conditions are not mentioned on product. Maintenance of appropriate temperature and sterilized environment during pre-processing and processing steps followed by controlled sterilized and chilled atmosphere during packaging and storage results in the effective storage of packed food. The regulation of temperature and sterilized conditions throughout, retards many of the risks generated due to microbial, physical, chemical and biochemical factors. The distribution of processed and packed chilled foods at low temperatures (i.e. refrigerating temperatures) after controlled packaging ensures safety and quality of food at the time of consumption and therefore, must be monitored throughout distribution chain.

This report makes a conclusion that the contribution of chilled temperature environment plays a significant role in dealing with the identified microbiological, physical and chemical hazards that have potential to spoil packaged chilled food items. Furthermore, it’s the proper maintenance of sterilized conditions following strict inspection of quality of raw materials that ensure the production of safe food. The regulation of refrigerating temperatures during distribution and storage is equally important as chilling temperature prevent growth of microbes on pasteurized processed food.

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