Preventing Gender Bias

First read the U.S. Department of Justice document: “Identifying and Preventing Gender Bias in Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence (2015)” (in Blackboard) and complete the following:1.      In the first paragraph briefly summarize the reading. In your summary define implicit and explicit bias.2.      According the authors, “Eliminating gender bias in policing practices is an integral component of combating sexual assault and domestic violence (p. 7).”  Briefly describe the reasons for addressing implicit and explicit bias in policing.3.      The authors list eight principles for effective policing practices.  Select one principle and a) summarize the principal b) give your own example (not an example listed in the reading) on how law enforcement could implement the principle c) Describe any barriers/obstacles to implementing the principal.4.      Finally, offer at least one additional recommendation for reducing gender bias in policing.Your paper should be at least 3 pages in length, 1” margins, double spaced.

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