Powder Metallurgy Of Stainless Steel

Powder Metallurgy Of Stainless Steel. The essay is to be 53 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The use of Powder Metallurgy (commonly abbreviated as PM) technology in the manufacturing of various components has been growing in the recent times. In the early times traditionally, components produced by PM were pressed and then sintered in an atmosphere of dry hydrogen. Also, sintering temperatures were relatively high, and sintering times were extremely long and uneconomical.

However, studies by North America laboratory between the 1930s and 1940s paved the path led to commercial for commercial production of PM stainless steel components by the end of 1940 [1-7].

Since then, the use and production of PM stainless steel components have been on the rise. Regardless of the fact that stainless steel components produced by PM are subjected to harsh conditions, the PM industries are working y is trying to optimize the process sintering conditions for better properties of the PM stainless steel components so that the corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of PM stainless steel are optimized.

The application of PM in the manufacture of stainless steel alloy components, for example, has been one of the factors driving this growth. This is due to the fact that stainless steel PM alloys components find applications in a number of industries such as recreational, automobile, aerospace, and chemical processing among others. The wide application of PM stainless steel alloys has led to the understanding of the importance of sintering and processing of PM stainless steel in the achievement of corrosion resistance of the alloy.&nbsp.

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