Please help with this assignment. Please use the following Scenario AND the attached rubric to complete this assignment. Please STRICTLY follow all prompts listed on the rubric!Scenario: You walk into the intensive care unit. There are no patients or family members sitting in the chairs; the patients in bed are on ventilators, attached to all kinds of tubes. The nurses are dressed in various colors of scrub suits. You notice two sedated patients on ventilators who have at least one side rail down on the bed. One of these beds is also elevated. Tubes are visibly seen attached to machines for monitoring and maintaining physiologic functions such as blood pressure, oxygen levels, and nutritional support. No labels are noted on the tubing. Patient armbands are taped to the side rails instead of to the patient. In a rush to take care of multiple patient needs, nurses go from one room to another with gloves on.   The noise level consists of alarms going off intermittently, the whir and hum of machines, and the spoken technical jargon of staff.  The physicians and nurses are talking in a language that is specialized in their area. “Mr. Smith has multifocal PVCs (premature ventricular contractions) and PCWPs (pulmonary capillary wedge pressures) are high. Mr. Smith is hypotensive, tachycardiac, and is receiving titrating IV medications to increase urine output and blood pressure.”  There are observable clusters of care in the intensive care unit. As the physicians round with the nurses and ancillary staff, the language of each specialty is heard. There is an urgency and quickness of pace. Emergent care interrupts the rounds, and the attending physician, residents, and nurses rush to the bedside of a patient who has “coded.”  THE POTENTIAL ISSUE TO BE DISCUSSED FOR THE GAP ANALYSIS IS: POTENTIAL FOR FALLS FOR THE PATIENTS

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