Policy Report: Drug Trafficking in North Africa

Need an argumentative essay on Policy Report: Drug Trafficking in North Africa. Needs to be 6 pages. Undoubtedly, drug trafficking has developed into a global problem with many spiraling impacts and far-reaching implication (Hindustan times). For this reason, it is important to dress the problem right from the routs so that the outcome will be of benefit to nations and the public. In this respect, it is worthy to mention that drug trafficking has been especially conspicuous in North Africa and the Middle East due to the other illegal activities linked with the trade (The Economist). Due to the soaring trends in drug trafficking in the North African nations, it is important to address this topic in order to prevent it from going out of control. Currently, volumes of narcotics find their way into and out of North Africa and this is a discouraging statistic.More importantly, drug trafficking in North Africa has been discovered to be connected with a myriad of other illegal and sometimes criminal activities. For example, terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda directly receive part of their funding from the proceeds of drug trafficking in North Africa (Hindustan times). Additionally, drug trafficking also goes hand in hand with money laundering and sex trafficking and these include some of the crimes that the international community and various human rights agencies are strongly fighting (The Economist). Therefore, the goal of this report is to unearth the extent of drug trafficking in North Africa and thereby give the best recommendations to curb the crime not only in North Africa but also across the globe.

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