Pinnacle of human wisdom

Create a 1 page paper that discusses pinnacle of human wisdom. Wisdom involving both data and intuition, it is a mode of thinking including everything regardless of whether one has the facts or not. Therefore the integration of both data and intuition grasps solutions. How has wisdom helped the human race? The utilization of this mode of thinking which wisdom is has seen great inventions and innovation by scientists. Some of which include finding solutions to various health problems through vaccines and treatment. Is wisdom only for a selected few or does everyone have some wisdom? Wisdom cannot be irrelevant simply by the reason that its character and definition includes both internal and external components which everyone has (Wisdom Research, 2009).The four distillations of human wisdom form the pinnacle of human wisdom. Experiences in love, hope, grace, and confidence are necessary for every human being to mature and understand themselves and others. Grace It is the polite, controlled and pleasant manner of behaving that is smooth and attractive to others. Not everyone can be graceful and that is why it is a pinnacle of human wisdom. It takes wisdom to be able to carry oneself in a certain attractive and pleasant manner before others (Hummel, 2014). Hope It is an expectation or desire for a certain thing to happen either to one or another. As humans, we are all faced with different situations that may need a hopeful attitude. It takes wisdom to have hope in situations where the reality states otherwise from our expectations (Hummel, 2014). Love It is an intense feeling of deep affection towards self, another or something. It is a feeling that is brought about by thoughts and is shown through actions (Hummel, 2014). Confidence It is a firm trust in something or someone. The feeling that one can rely on someone or something to accomplish a certain task. Experiences have taught many of us the people we can trust and those we cannot. Having confidence in someone depends on our past experience or other past experience with a person or something. Wisdom is what helps us to know if we should have the confidence or not (Hummel, 2014).

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