Personal Trainers

Write the following 3 tasks. I will use the help I get as examples to guide me to come up with my own answers.Personal Trainers incBackgroundFollowing the decision to use an in- house team to develop a design prototype , Susanbegan to work on the physical design for Personal Trainer’s new information system , Athis stage , she is ready to begin working with Gray on the output and user interfacedesign . Together , Susan and Gray will seek to develop a user – centered design that iseasy to learn and use Personal Trainer users will include managers fitness instructors ,support staff , and members themselvesTasks1 . For the prototype user interface , design a switchboard that leads from mainsections I o subsections of related system tasks . The main sections may includemember information , registration , payments , fitness instructors , and any othertop – level sections necessary for Personal Trainer’s system . Subsections mayinclude account information , class registration , schedules and class rosterPrepare story boards that show the proposed screens , including at least twosublevel tasks for each action2 . Members need to be able to register for classes online . Follow the guidelines andsuggestions in this chapter and design an online class registration screen form3 . Some of the reports that they are hoping to see from the new system includetheir renewals , membership churn analysis and new member signups by monthCreate a report that management would find valuable to analyzing how thebusiness is runningThe screens and reports can be created in Visio Access , Word , Excel or other toolPlease make sure If you are using something other than those 4 that you submit it in aformat I can open , even an image file of your work would be fine

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