Person of Experience or the Person of Theoretical Knowledge Wiser

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Person of Experience or the Person of Theoretical Knowledge Wiser. According to the knowledge is something which is actually gained automatically with human experiences. On the other hand, a person having only theoretical knowledge falls short when it comes to application. An experienced person is the man/woman who has performed the same act in the past and therefore he/she is aware of all the little troubles that may turn up. These practical little trifles are never written in books. This is where experienced people excel.Theories provide us with questions whereas practical experience is something through which we can not only know the answers but also evaluate the relevance of the questions. Moreover, this is also true that no questions in theoretical knowledge can be formed without experience. Theories can produce questions but in most cases, those questions are only for the question’s sake. In reality, they have no meaning whereas the questions, which come out of practical skepticism, have enough logical sense in them. There is concrete evidence to prove the authenticity of the questions that come from first-hand experiences.There is a term in philosophy, which is known as “propositional knowledge”. This is actually a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. For a proposition, we need to compare what we believe and what is true. This is why this segment of philosophy is widely different from the lucky-guess part of theoretical knowledge.‘Acquaintance’ and ‘description’ are the two terms that have been successfully used by Bertrand Russell. According to him, knowledge by description is actually theoretical knowledge whereas acquaintance makes the sense of practical experience. What Russell points out means that only description can never give someone the actual picture of the subject. To understand it properly one has to acquire the first-hand experience. For instance, we all know about the legend of Robin Hood but it is entirely theoretical knowledge.

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