Patient Journey

Write the following on Patient Journey After an Injury up to and Beyond Discharge. Write a 2500 word paper answering; Injury can occur anywhere, anytime and to anyone. As far as road traffic injuries are concerned, the patterns of injury differ for different types of road users like pedestrian, vehicle driver or passenger and motorcyclist. Also, helmets and seat belts affect the type of injury. Mayou and Bryant (2003) conducted a prospective cohort study on patients with road traffic accidents. Those with major head injuries were not included in the study. From the results, it was evident that pedestrians were more likely to suffer from a road traffic accident and they were much older than those using motor vehicles. They were more intoxicated than motorists, drivers, passengers and cyclists. Cyclists were less likely to suffer from najor injuries and were much younger than other road users. Motorists were more likely to suffer from limb injuries. Other groups had injuries injuries in the head, neck, chest, and limbs. the outcomes of the injuries were measured and varied from group to group. Soon after the accident and injury, the injured people feel embarrassed and start blaming themselves. Some do not have a memory as to how the event occurred and because of this, the individuals feel unpleasant and confused. Initially, individuals feel insecure and lose trust. But, the appearance of strangers to the site of injury, helping hands from several dimensions and immediate shift to the hospital either through ambulance or someone elses vehicle causes restoration of security and trust. These feelings were further enhanced professional caregivers arrived and took command of the scenario. Strangers played a major role in building up trust and secured feeling by putting blankets, offering comfort, calling the ambulance and calling near and dear ones (Franzen et al, 2006). On arrival to the hospital, while some&nbsp.patients developed a sense of security and trust, other again feel insecure, worried and uncertain because of the procedures involved in admission, hospital rules and regulations and lack of attitude from caregivers.&nbsp.

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