Organization Behavior

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Organization Behavior- Phase 2 DB.The company is growing and to enable the company to cater to the different cultural markets, CSD will have to incorporate diversity and train the employees to be culturally sensitive about many issues.An organization can be viewed in many ways. it can be a machine, designed to be highly precise and organized,it can be an organism with a lifespan during which it grows, becomes weak and then dies, it can be an instrument of domination which is exploited by the wealthy and powerful. Thus organizations can be defined through metaphors, in itself it is complex and no single metaphor can define it completely. (Morgan, G, 1997).

Within an organization there is a lot of communication taking place, information keeps flowing back and forth. Types of communication channels that are open to organization are formal and informal channels. Both of these channels have many techniques within them. In the formal channel there is upward and downward communication, and horizontal communication. In the informal channel, there is the grapevine and management by wandering around.

Keeping in mind that the structure of the organization is a matrix structure, all types of formal communication should exist. Employees need to report to their supervisors with problems and feedback from the customers, while supervisors should share knowledge about the product to avoid problems such as selling the wrong widgets. Apart from this, since there has been a recent change in the structure, the department heads need to get together so that they can bring the organization together.

The sales department is responsible for the sales and the customer services. They have only been concentrating on sales, it needs to be communicated to them that customer service is also a vital part of the company. Also to integrate diversity within the organization the department heads needs to cooperate so that all……..

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