Organic solutes

Q1) A mixture contains phenol, benzoic acid, toluene an ether solution of this mixtureis extracted with sodium bicarbonate solution to form aqueous layer A and organic layer B. The organic layer B is then extracted with sodium hydroxide solution to form aqueous layer C and organic layer D. Both solutions A and C are separately treatedwith hydrochloric acid to give solutions E and F. respectively. Give the structure(s) of the organic solute(s) present in A, B, C, D. E, and F. Explain. Include a flow diagram.

Q2) In one experiment the student used 5 grams of salicylic acid. After the purification the resulting product is 3.6 gram of aspirin. What are the theorical and practical yields. Write all of your calculations.Q3) Can aldehytes or ketones give reaction with chromic acid? Why? Give the reactions and explain.

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