Old canadian land

Write a 2 pages paper on the old canadian land. The old Canadian land The old Canadian Land Pasquinel was a strange man from an unknown origin. Most of the presentstories on his originality were based on speculation and rumours. However, the whole land in the ancient period had heard of him. He was a frequent traveller, who carried goods from all over the world. in his possession were beads, silver, blankets and bright cloth from Paris, Germany, Canada and New Orleans respectively. Possession of the items above is proof that he had been around the world for a couple of times. In addition, he carried with him weapons that he uses to protect himself. However, there are no reasons to believe that he could be a bad man looking for trouble. It was because he did not bother people along his constant travel expeditions.He travelled by water. His travel machine was a canoe that he used to tour all the waters of the rivers and seas that he came across. No water body was too scarify to make him stop a journey. The people believed that he was a brave man, who would look out for anyone in harm. Everyone in the lands knew him as a man without fear. Thus, many respected him as he was a hero amongst them all.From his appearance, it was difficult to know much about him. He carried with him everything from all the places he went to. Physically, he dressed as an Indian. One could argue that he had Indian traits in him. Apart from the manner of dressing, his character had much do with the Indian lifestyle. Indians were just as courageous men as he was. They were known to be the most troublesome people to deal with during trade. They would settle every slight issue with a fight. In fact, they were ready to die. The same characteristics could be evident in Pasquinel. It was in his nature to walk into a dangerous place without thinking. He was ready for any attack. In fact, he always fought his wars alone. Apart from being a brave man, he was a good negotiator. Negotiation is a skill important when dealing with strangers, who need to be convinced on one intended purpose. As a trader, negotiation skills were important to convince new traders on certain items. Even without speaking the language of the traders, Pasquinel could convince them on his intended purpose and avoid unnecessary confrontation. The story of Pasquinel could be real or a fiction one. The reality of the story could be because of the use of known physical places. For example, the narrator uses known water bodies and ancient places such as France and New Orleans. In addition, the trading activities outlined in the story represent the lifestyle of the people in that region during the ancient period. The people in different towns in the story shared the same story of his bravery. That means that he was known throughout the lands that he went to. When a story is told in the same manner from different places, there are high chances that it could carry certain facts. However, every ancient story is liable to manipulation. A storyteller could overlook some facts or exaggerate on the others. At the same time, a story with many physical details could carry some truths of the history of a certain region.ReferencesRadtke, S. (2007).&nbsp.Pulp Fiction – An Analysis of Storyline and Characters. Mu?nchen: GRIN Verlag GmbHOlson, G. (2011).&nbsp.Current trends in narratology. Berlin: De Gruyter.

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