Nursing theories

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic the role of nursing theory in nursing education, research, and clinical practice. Nursing theories help in generating further knowledge in the field of nursing. Though some theories may differ and can be confusing to the nurses, they are all meant to provide additional information to the nurses. Nursing theories are supposed to form the basis of practice, in that they lay down the foundation and provide a framework upon which training is based on.

Before the training starts, it is important to bring out some ideas and concepts, which will help the students to comprehend the training process. The theories act as a form of introduction, thus preparing the nurses for the practice (Parker and Smith, 2010). One will find that other professions have theories that help in establishing a unique approach to the different aspects involved in that particular discipline.

Since nursing is also a profession, it is important for it to have its own theories that will help the nurses to understand their role and purpose in the medical sector. Nurses need to be recognized in their own profession and this can be achieved by establishing a unique body of knowledge and concepts.

Therefore, nursing theories play a role in establishing professionalism in Nursing by providing a different approach to health care and treatment from the one used by doctors. They play an important role in creating a boundary between medicine and nursing. They help in defining a nurse’s role in the hospital, medical field, or medical practice (Ahmad, 2010).

Nursing theories play a role in reinforcing nursing practices for they provide the education required in the treatment and care of the patients. They help the nurses to understand why a certain procedure is carried out in a certain manner and help the students to react in an appropriate manner when faced by a particular situation. By providing the education needed, the nurses are able to carry out the actual practices that their nursing role needs them to undertake (Parker & Smith, 2010).

In research, nursing theories play a role in guiding the research process. This is achieved when an individual confirms certain research procedures from the established nursing theories. This helps the individual to use the appropriate research designs, make the correct assumptions and carry out the appropriate analysis and interpretation of the results. The researcher is also able to weave the It enables the scientist to make assumptions and relate them with facts after studying the nursing theories (Permanente, 2009).

The nursing theories also play a crucial role when one wants to formulate the necessary research questions. Since they are theories, they provide the researcher with many areas and questions in the nursing profession that need to be investigated. The researcher is able to find an area that needs thorough investigation, therefore, creating a basis for the research. Following the research, a researcher can accept or reject the assumptions made in the theories, thus improving the quality of the information in the nursing profession. This also helps in increasing the pool of knowledge in the nursing profession (Abdrbo, 2010).

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