Naked Statistics

Final project introduction video “Naked Statistics” from Charles WheelanFor this assignment you’re going to assemble an annotated bibliography where you summarize and evaluate 10 sources using data to make claims about a social problem, 5 from each “side” of the problem (it’s also possible there are more than 2 sides to a social problem!!). At least 6 sources must be full written articles, not photo memes or graphics. Note the the expectation here is NOT to analyse or critique peer-reviewed academic articles; rather, use articles from popular media.Your individual annotated bibliography will contain:A full citation in APA format (this may be difficult if it’s an image from Facebook…but try!). All citations must include a stable link if possible (that is, something I can click on to go to the source). If you can’t find a stable link to an image, include it in your bibliography.  A summary of the source that includes statements of A) the intent of the source B) what data does it use (all the sources you select should make at least some data claims for this assignment); and C) what specific claim or claims does it make using data?   An evaluation of the source including statements on A) the potential issues with the data presented that we have learned about throughout the quarter (yes, there’s a long list–but you can rule out some categories right away, for example problems of correlation only occur when looking at correlations!) B) whether the data are well chosen to support the claim made, or are somehow misleading.  Finally, follow the bibliography with a summary or synthesis of what your sources reveal about the state of knowledge and information/misinformation about your topic. This summary should be about 1 single-spaced page in length.Details: Annotations must be written in paragraph form. You will begin with the citation and then in a paragraph start with the summary of the journal article followed by the evaluation. Keep in mind that all of your text, including the write up beneath the citation, must be indented so that the author’s last name is the only text that is flush left.  APA uses a hanging indent: the first line is set flush with the left margin, and all other lines are indented four spaces. After the bibliographic citation, drop down to the next line to begin the annotation, but don’t skip an extra line (double-spaced throughout). The entire annotation is indented an additional two spaces, so that means each of its lines will be six spaces from the margin. I’t’s hard to set indents using the space bar, of course, so use the ruler but make it about that distance. Here’s an example: recommends 12 point Times New Roman font and one inch margins all around. Also include a title page with your name, project title and date on it—this will be the first page of your project. Evaluation:  Each annotation is worth 8 points. Annotations will be evaluated on their completeness in terms of providing a full summary and thoughtful evaluation of the source.  Evaluation of annotations will also include the use of APA style, proper formatting as described above, proper grammar and correct spelling.  The summary/synthesis paper is worth an additional 20 points for a total of 100 points.

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