Music Genre of the Blues

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Music Genre of the Blues.From the discussion it is clear that dating back to the origin of different kinds of music genre, it is quite clear that they came about as a result of coordination of collection of human lifestyle and movement. Contextually, we can attribute the origin of the Blues music genre to human movement and farming and also a product of their deepest expressions. The Blues itself means being sank in melancholy or being depressed. The genre came about as a result of expression of plight and predicaments by the African-American slaves. At such times the Africans were being subjected to work in the North American Colonies Plantations.As the report declares music is influenced by climate through which it thrives. This is an implication that the Blues was also shaped by outside factors besides its human architects. Music was effected in religious activities and Africans who practiced Christianity used it to propagate their spiritual religion. As the Europeans strived towards transforming African pagans into faithful Christians, it can to their attention that these Africans were exceptionally talented in music. If you are to influence someone onto doing something then it is always better and much easier to employ what they have and like. The Europeans used the African music to spread the gospel of Christianity amongst their target population. “This “spiritual” music was the first instance of African music adapted to the social environment of the New World…”

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